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Carpet Cleaning

We clean more carpets in Cache Valley than any other company, and we use the best cleaning equipment in the industry. We work with landlords and property managers to offer competitive prices! 

Fire Damage

Fires can be especially devastating and traumatic for your home or business. Let us take care of the clean-up, so you do not have to.

Family house in Houston suburb flooded f

Flood Damage

It is important to take care of flooding immediately. We are available 24/7, so give us a call as soon as you notice the problem. We will be right there to fix it!

Sewage Damage

Let us clean-up the dirty messes, so you do not have to. Sewage disasters should be treated as an emergency, because they may carry serious or dangerous viruses and bacteria. Call us immediately!

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Image by Tneil Abt

Storm Damage

We have plenty of storm damage repair experience. Trust us to make the repairs you need quickly and efficiently to get your home or business restored to the way it was. You can count on us!


Mold can grow or spread quickly throughout your home or business. It can also cause very serious health conditions. Call us as soon as possible, so we can take care of the mold before it spreads or causes serious issues for your family or team members.

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